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5 Tips to Add More Colour Into Your Home!

Picture this: you’ve finally completed your home renovation! A fresh new paint colour is on the walls and new furniture has arrived, yet somehow… it still feels incomplete. Probably not what you were expecting after giving your home a makeover? The truth is, despite having completed the project, the feeling of a finished product often comes down to the details. Whether you’ve just completed a home renovation or you’ve been living with the same design for years, here are 5 ways to add more colour into your home to help make it feel complete.

1. Have Some Fun with Art!

Here at The Urban Painter, we love perfectly painted walls! What’s more, is a wall perfectly complemented by artwork. Bringing artwork into your space is the best way to instantly add personality to an otherwise blank canvas. Try mixing and matching different sizes, mediums and colours to create a unique and personal designer look!

Source: Mortil Mernee

2. Lighting Makes All the Difference

Believe it or not, lighting makes a huge impact! Swapping outdated light fixtures for something that better reflects your style is a great way to update a space. Lighting can create a specific mood, alter paint colour appearance and can determine how a space will be used. Consider using different lighting levels and temperatures to see what works best for your space. Warm lighting helps to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere while bright lighting is welcoming and clean. From the chandelier in your dining room to the flush mount in your hallway, lighting can make all the difference! 

Source: Sophie Burke Design

3. Add Some Flair with Textiles & Texture

If your home is lacking the cozy, inviting feeling that you’ve been looking for, consider incorporating more textiles and texture. Textiles and textures can be added using pillows, throw blankets, rugs, curtains, and upholstery. Layering multiple textures in different colours and fabrics can help to create a warm, comforting atmosphere perfect for curling up with a coffee on a lazy Sunday. 

Source: Carpendaughter

4. Plants Plants Plants!

Plants = more life! Adding plants into your home cleans and purifies the air and has also been known to boost your mood, concentration, and creativity! Not to mention, they add great colour. Elevate the look more by planting them in a collection of pots you love. 

Source: Camille Styles

5. Personal Touches

We’re all about design here at The Urban Painter! We love to help you replicate looks and trends from your favourite designers, but the reality is your home won’t feel complete until you’ve added your own personal touches. Don’t be afraid to showcase decor and personal items that express your own personal style! Family photos, travel souvenirs and heirlooms are all great ways to bring in personal style and flair to make your house truly feel like a home!

Source: CassieBustaMante

And the best part is… you get to decide how your home looks and feels! Whether you’re planning a renovation or looking to refresh your current space, any home can benefit from adding in some extra colour. Try out these tips to create a home that feels personal, intentional colourful, and (finally) complete!

-The Urban Painter