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Perfect Time To Book An Exterior Paint Job

Why Now Is
The Perfect Time To Book An Exterior Paint Job

With the time change and the extreme cold weather (hopefully) behind us, many Calgarians are looking ahead to summer and daydreaming about barbecues, backyards, and beverages in the sunshine. While all of us would like to wish for a summer that lasts forever, the truth is it doesn’t! We have precious few months of hot weather here in Alberta, and for a company like The Urban Painter, we like to make the most of it.

If you’ve been thinking of painting the exterior of your house, you may be wondering when the best time is to book the job. And the short answer is: now! Of course, there are plenty of factors that go into that decision, but here are some reasons why the spring is actually the best time to reserve your prime spot in line for a new exterior paint job!

Summer Is The Busy Season

Like all Canadian companies that work outdoors, we tend to get extremely busy between April and September. Our team size doubles, we work plenty of overtime, we are constantly inundated with requests for estimates and projects, and most importantly the weather can make things difficult. As a result, as the summer progresses, our work plans gradually shift weeks if not months ahead of the current date, and it can be very difficult to fit in a job that hasn’t booked earlier on in the season, especially as we get into late July and August. The Summer is definitely NOT the perfect time to book an exterior paint job.

Current Problems May Be Magnified In The Meantime

As you’ll recall, the summer of 2016 was hardly a summer at all for Calgary we had plenty of rain in between the sweltering hot days. This pattern can exacerbate any current problems on your home if there are already some pressing issues moisture can leak into cracks (and mold might follow), flaking paint can intensify, and so on. This is no good! It’s best to take care of these things ASAP once you notice them, or the price to fix them will only increase as well.

Don’t Let The Weather Stop You

Just like it can be too cold to paint in the winter, it can also get too hot to paint in the summer. This is not only for our painters health in extreme heat, but for the paint itself beyond a certain range, it dries too fast! This affects sprayer nozzles, open containers of paint, brushes, and the actual painted surfaces, and can quickly turn a big job into a futile effort. By booking a job for the late spring or early summer, you can minimize the chances of this happening while we’re working on your home. So now you know that Spring is the perfect time to book an exterior paint job

Enjoy Your New Colours All Summer Long

Summer is the time when you get to hang out in the yard, having cookouts and enjoying the sunshine. Why not get a fresh coat of paint out of the way early, and then you can enjoy it all summer long? Friends and neighbours can see the effect that a new set of colours can have on a house, and you can be the first on the street to make it happen.

So why wait until the rush of mid-summer? Book your free estimate today at 403-774-1424, or by email at info@theurbanpainter.com. We can’t wait to show you how we can make your house look its best!