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How to Paint a Feature Wall That Really Pops

While it may be tempting to think that the winter is over in Calgary and we can all head outside for spring, there’s bound to be some weather ahead that keeps us inside for a little while longer. And while you’re stuck indoors, you may notice that your old interior paint job just doesn’t grab your attention like it used to. In fact, you may even come up with some wall painting ideas you’d like to try. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full repaint, why not try out an accent wall? It’s the perfect way to revitalize an interior space without changing everything too drastically.

Pick a Wall!

For small jobs like this, you may be able to do it yourself, meaning you won’t necessarily have to hire professional painters or a paint company. To channel your inner painter on a DIY job, the first thing you’ll want to do is one of the simplest: pick a wall! Choose a location that naturally draws the eye to it, such as walls surrounding fireplaces, behind beds, or framed well by furniture. That tiny strip above the kitchen backsplash probably won’t make the impact you’re looking for.

Choose a Colour.

The next step before painting a wall is to choose the paint colours. Look for inspiration from furniture, flooring, accessories, other accents like wood or stone, or simply the way the light lands on the wall in the morning. There’s no wrong way to choose, but colours that clash lookin’ at you, bright orange and olive green are probably going to cause more raised eyebrows than you’d like. Chosen correctly, a feature wall will highlight the contents of a room, and add a new sense of space or dimension to it. Earth tones like beiges or tans, gentle contrasts to adjacent walls, and colours that match nearby materials are consistent favourites when picking a colour for accent wall painting.

Get to Work.

Next, get your materials ready. While any house painting company will have these, as a DIY-er you may have to pick up a few things. The must-haves? Drywall mud to patch unsightly holes (and a putty blade to apply it), sandpaper to smooth out imperfections, painter’s tape, a drop cloth to protect the floor and plastic sheets to put over furniture, a good-quality 2.5″ brush, and a roller handle with a 20 mm sleeve. Depending on the wall, you may also have to think about extension poles, stepladders, screwdrivers to remove faceplates, and so on.

While painting, clean the wall of dirt and grease, then fill any holes with mud and sand them flat once dry. You can use tape as needed along edges and baseboards for nice straight lines and just like pro painters, simply start brushing in along the edges and then roll a smooth coat to fill in the middle. Depending on colours, you’ll probably need 2-3 coats for full coverage.

Clean Up.

To clean up, put excess paint back in the can and seal it well to ensure it stores properly. Wash the brush with soap and water (latex paint) or paint thinner (oil-based paints) and hang it up to dry. If you wrap the roller sleeve in plastic and seal it well, it will stay usable for roughly six months if you’re planning to use it again; if not, discard it and clean the handle of stray drips. Finally, remove the plastic sheets, drop clothes, and tape (carefully you may have to cut the seam so it doesn’t pull). Voila you’re a wall painting virtuoso!

Now, a wall is easy, but if you’re not sure how to paint a house, you may want to save yourself the stress and hire an interior painting service or exterior painting crew. After all, making your house look good is what painters do best and at The Urban Painter, we’re proud to be among the best of the best in Calgary!

If you have a Calgary painting project to consider large or small, interior or exterior then call The Urban Painter today to see why we have consistently high customer reviews, ratings, and referrals. We are dedicated to making you happy and delivering on our promise of successful, high-quality work! Reach us for a free estimate and colour consultation by phone at 403-774-1424 or email at info@theurbanpainter.com. We can’t wait to show you what we can do!