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9 Ways To Upscale Your Bedroom With Paint

Is your bedroom in need of a style overhaul? Have other rooms in your home taken your creative energy at the expense of your private space? We at the Urban Painter would love to see your bedroom come to life using one of these nine easy and cost-effective painting applications, sure to transform your space into the style haven that you’re seeking. 

1 – Feature walls

Painting a feature or accent wall is one of the easiest and most cost-effective things that you can do to transform the look of your bedroom. The key to a great feature wall is choosing the right colour to convey the style and mood that you’re going for. A bright, bold colour can add life and light while a darker or cool-toned colour can give you the sophistication that you’re after. 

Source: decoist.com

2 – Ombre walls

This trendy style is not only popular for hair colour, but is a great choice for adding unique style to your bedroom, as well. The soft and dreamy effect of ombre walls could be just what you need to transform your bedroom into the retreat space that you’re looking for. 

source: https://www.crownpaints.co.uk/inspiration/articles/2018/02/how-to-create-an-ombre-effect

3 – Horizontal stripes

Adding either colourful or neutral horizontal stripes to your walls can be a fun, bold way to lengthen the look of your bedroom. Both combinations of subtle colours or contrasting ones will take your bedroom style to the next level.   

4 – Colour blocking

Want to highlight a feature piece in your bedroom like your custom headboard or antique mirror? A color block can inject tons of personality and style into your bedroom while showcasing its best features. 

Source: Homespecially

5 – Painted ceilings

Who said that ceilings need to take a back seat to walls when it comes to your bedroom style? Instead of sticking to white, try a subtle or bold colour on your bedroom ceiling to liven up your space and give you something to smile about as you gaze up from your bed. Painted ceilings can also be a great way to enhance architectural details such as moldings or inlays. 

Source: Pintrest

6 – Chalkboard/white board walls

Walls that you can draw on (and erase, of course), can be a fun way to enhance a kid’s bedroom. Choosing a wall or section of their bedroom designated for creativity gives them a chance to express their own style and the flexibility to change it up whenever they feel like it. These walls can also be an excellent option for your bedroom if it doubles as an office or if you live in a studio apartment. 

Source: Real Homes

7 – Geometric walls

Geometric patterns are a popular trend and are featured on everything from coffee mugs to notebook covers to accent rugs. So why not use them to add style to your bedroom walls as well? The right combination of complimentary colours, placement, and sharp, clean lines is a guaranteed way to fall in love with your bedroom. 

Source: Real Homes

8 – Polka dot walls

Polka dots are the ultimate fun, lighthearted pattern and can add tons of personality to your bedroom. When this pattern is applied with paint it will offer a unique artistic effect that will draw you in and make the room feel inviting. Choose either big bold dots to make a statement or small subtle ones to add interest and texture. 

Source: Pinterest

9 – 3/4 Walls

Reimagine the statement that your bedroom could make by choosing 3/4 walls. This unique paint application can be a great way to highlight tall ceilings or custom windows or just simply to add personality to your bedroom. 

Source: https://www.charlestoncrafted.com/color-block-wall/

Let the Pros Handle It

So which room painting option will it be? At the Urban Painter, we’re your interior painting experts and go-to guide to making one of these bedroom style visions come to life. Since 2008, we’ve been painting for home owners and business owners throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas.  We can answer all of your questions and provide outstanding painting services when you’re looking to paint any room in your home or business. Make sure your home looks its best when you choose to paint your bedrooms — The Urban Painter is always glad to help.

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