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The Psychology of Paint Colour

How Colour Can Change Your Home

We’ve all heard the terms in pop culture: seeing red, feeling blue, green with envy. But those sayings weren’t just made up by imaginative writers. If you’ve ever walked into a room and suddenly felt more inspired, relaxed, or comfortable with your surroundings, you’re not alone! Colours in our household and workplace environments can have a deep-rooted and measurable effect on our mood and our everyday lives a real phenomenon, known as paint colour psychology.

Here in Calgary, there is an unseen formula for choosing paint colours that fit not only within our lifestyle, but also to our levels of natural light, home layout, and individual personalities. Since the colour of a room has the ability to both positively and negatively affect and influence our mood and thought patterns, choosing the right paint colour for your home is more important than you think!

Making The Right Home Paint Colour Choice

Whether you’re choosing the colour you recently saw in your favorite magazine or a colour recommended by a friend or designer, it is important to keep in mind what the purpose of the space is: is it meant to be welcoming, relaxing, comfortable, or inspiring? Or all of the above? What mood are you attempting to convey? Is there a specific message that you are eager to channel to your friends and guests? Each colour possesses a unique set of qualities that enable your personality and lifestyle to be complemented, and a carefully selected colour will set your space apart from others!

Paint colours can be divided up into several different categories including warm, cool, and neutral tones. Each has a different set of attributes with the ability to slightly change the overall atmosphere of a room and thus, to influence the mood of the people in it. So, how do you know what colour is best for you and your space?

Warm Colours

Warm colours are those that exude happiness and positivity. The tonal qualities of reds, oranges, and yellows are uplifting and often associated with energy, vivacity, and passion. Red is an inviting colour that draws people in while increasing a room’s energy, and interestingly enough, it stimulates the appetite. As a result, reds are a perfect fit for kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms if you like to eat, that is!

If you’re looking for something a little more inviting and upbeat during those dreary Calgary days, go for an orange which is said to be even more charming. Dark tones of orange can add some spice to a room, while bright, raw orange hues can be used to bring a room to life. This makes it a great choice for a recreational or games room.

Yellow creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere, radiating hope and optimism. It can warm up a cold space or brighten a dark room like sunshine on a rainy day. In our ever-changing Calgary climate, yellow is a great colour choice to consider if you’re in need of a little more cheer!

Cool Colours

Cool colours are those that encourage a peaceful state of mind; blue, purple, and green tones have the ability to soothe the mind, body, and soul. Can you think of an area in your home that could benefit from an application of a soothing paint colour? Although the cooler colours can sometimes make a room feel colder, it is said that blue increases productivity while creating a calming environment. Bedrooms and office spaces are good areas for blue since its qualities increase productivity yet provide a relaxing, centered atmosphere.

If you’re in need of a fresh feeling, consider a natural green to encourage peacefulness and serenity. Light, pastel greens are a great choice when you wish to restore tranquility and enable the mind and body to relax after a long day at work. In contrast, rich, deep greens can be a great way to elevate the relaxation in a room.

Purple has the ability to create drama and peaceful variations within larger public areas as well as more intimate spaces, such as bedrooms.

Neutral Colours

Neutral tones, such as brown, grey, black, and white, are the earthy tones of a home these colours are the classic, flexible colours that create foundations for accent walls and personalization. Neutral paint colours show elegance when complimented with crisp whites, which insinuates cleanliness and wholesomeness; on the contrary, blacks and dark greys represent sophistication and mystery. Neutral tones can be found anywhere within a home, as they are useful in creating spaces that are both soothing and relaxing or lively and stimulating. These colours can be modern and sophisticated while also seeming traditional and timeless.

It is immensely important to choose the right colours for your home in order to create the mood you want to convey. Paint colour psychology can help you determine which colours work best for you, while also considering current styles within the home decorating industry. If you need help making a final decision, we have a trusted group of paint colour consultants who can help you choose colours, finishes, and products, and we stay up-to-date on the latest trends all so we can offer you informed and helpful advice.

So when it comes to redecorating your space  it’s about more than just black or white! Contact us for a free quote, and to find out more about how your new choice of colour can freshen up a dull space. Call our office today at 403-774-1424 we look forward to helping your home look new again!