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Bring the Colours of Calgary Into Your Home!

Our city is seriously stunning, and one of the coolest things about it is the awesome range of colors that pop up everywhere.

We’ve got the cool blues of the Bow River, the earthy greens from Fish Creek Park’s trees, and the warm reds of Inglewood’s brick buildings. Calgary’s colours are a never-ending inspiration for styling up your home with paint and decor.

Just imagine turning a vibrant red leaf into a painted wall masterpiece or giving your whole space a river-inspired makeover. Today, we’re ditching the fancy trends and design tv show makeovers – it’s all about getting our paint colour inspiration straight from our own amazing community!

Ready for the lowdown on how to bring Calgary’s colours right into your own home? Here are some of our favourite paint colour tricks.

Cool and calm vibes

Picture this: a leisurely stroll along the Bow or Elbow River, soaking in those blues and greens. Take that inspiration and paint it on your walls – seriously! Soft blues and greens in your living space or bedroom can give you that serene, feel-good aura. Not sure where to start? Think about giving Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray HC-146 or Sherwin-Williams Coastal Plain SW 6192 a shot.

Earthy and Down-to-Earth Feels

Ditch the beaten path and hit up Sandy Beach. You’ll find a mix of grays, warm browns, and creamy shades that are all about comfort and coziness. Perfect for setting up a snug reading nook or a rustic-style kitchen. And guess what? These neutral tones are the ultimate canvas for throwing in bursts of colour whenever you’re feeling artsy. Don’t miss checking out Redend Point, Sherwin-William’s 2023 colour star – it’s like a warm hug in paint form.

Colour Explosions

Imagine the Peace Bridge in downtown Calgary. It’s like a red superhero in the sea of blues and greens. You can totally rock the same trick in your space with an accent wall. Pops of colour are like a shot of energy that instantly make your space more inviting. Our favs? We’re loving a deep sage green like Benjamin Moore’s High Park CC-620 or something vibrant like Sherwin-William’s Obstinate Orange SW 6884!

Sunrise Coziness

Who says you have to stick to neutrals? Our famous prairie sunrise brings on those warm oranges, pinks, and purples – basically, all the cozy vibes you need. Benjamin Moore even crowned Raspberry Blush as their colour of the year – and it’s basically perfection for adding some romantic warmth to any room.

Bringing the colours of Calgary indoors isn’t just about making your space look good. It’s like inviting the outdoors in and creating rooms that match your mood, whether you’re feeling relaxed or excited. So, call The Urban Painter today and have your own space transformed through paint with the colours of Calgary!

-The Urban Painter