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Festool Dustless Sander

Festool Dustless Sander: The Next Level of Interior Finishing

If you’ve ever done an interior painting project, you’re probably familiar with the enemy of painters everywhere: the dust that comes along with the work. Since patching the drywall and wood sanding are part of the job, it’s inevitable that some of it dries up and takes off into the air, where it happily floats to its final destination whether that’s on top of your newly-rolled coat of paint, or in the hairs that tickle the inside of your nose. Either way, it’s a necessary nuisance that painters have had to deal with forever you can’t make surfaces smooth without sanding and producing dust.

There’s been no way around it, until the Festool Dustless Sander came along.

A New Age of Workmanship

The Festool’s unique and user-friendly design is a next-level innovation that completely changes our approach to interior prep work. The compact yet powerful handheld sander has a variety of attachments and abrasive pads, which can wear away diamond-hard layers of ancient paint and gently smooth out minor imperfections on small surfaces with equal ability. But there are plenty of sanders on the market that can do that; why did we choose the Festool?

It’s because it does one thing better than every other sander out there: it gets rid of the dust. 

Using a proprietary Dust Extractor suction system that’s built into the sander itself, the two components work together to immediately and effectively contain virtually all of the dust that would usually be sent into the environment. This not only makes the air cleaner to breathe overall, and cuts down on clean-up at the end of the job, but it means that fresh coats of paint the sticky paint that covers many of the flat surfaces in your home will no longer be inundated with specks of airborne dust.

As painters, this is a dream come true!

New Technology

The Festool Dustless Sander is not yet widespread in the painting industry, but we like to be at the forefront of technology. Our investment in this technology has contributed greatly to our ability to do excellent work on home interiors. It is especially useful on drywall, shelves, trim, baseboards, and doors.

One of the instances in which we use the Festool most heavily is painting cabinets a job which requires a lot of prep work and sanding, a fine attention to detail, a purging of all dust contamination, and a sander that’s powerful enough to smooth down all rough edges and patches. Our cabinet finishes are a source of extreme pride for us, and investments like the Festool make it easy for us to do an even better job than we could before.

Seeing It In Action

If your home is in need of painting, dustless sanding will make the project go smoother and leave less to clean up after. Contact us today If you are interested in more information about how it works and what it would mean for your project. We’d be happy to bring our Festool Dustless Sander over and show you how it works while we take care of the painting for you. Whether it’s cabinet painting, interior painting, or even exterior paint jobs (this sander works great on wooden decks and window frames), we’re ready to offer you our free, no-obligation quote and even a complimentary colour consultation. Tell us about your project at 403-774-1424, or by email at info@theurbanpainter.com. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

Photo: https://www.hmdiffusion.com/Ponceuse-excentrique-ETS-125-REQ-Plus-Festool-574636-11-43666-p.htm