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Why Is A Barn Painted Red?

Have you ever wondered why is barn paint red? The prairies that cover the interior of North America are part of Calgary”™s beautiful backyard ““ rolling fields, distant foothills, and family farms that dot the roads across our province. Albertans carry a strong pride for our landscape that is shown through care and consideration, and that includes maintaining the great-looking scenery that surrounds us. […]

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Why Do Painters Wear White Clothing?

Why do painters wear white clothing? It”™s an unsolved mystery that goes back farther than anyone can remember: why is it that painters, who constantly work around every colour you can think of, wear white clothes? It seems counter-intuitive, because every errant drip and splatter stands out on a clean white background. And even stranger is the fact that apparently, no one can agree on the origin of this custom. […]

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Painting Your Calgary Home’s Vinyl Or Aluminum Siding

Painting home siding is something that most of us will encounter in our lifetimes so it is important to know a little bit about it. Many houses in this day and age have moved away from the rustic wooden planks or Elizabethan brick to something much more practical: vinyl or aluminum siding. Living in the city of Calgary, vinyl and metal siding on houses is the best choice in order to face those harsh winters and blistering summers. And as summer creeps up on us, it”™s the perfect time for your old siding to get freshened up! […]

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