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The Top Nine Feature Wall Locations:

Welcome, interior design enthusiasts and wall aficionados! Today, we embark on a quest to uncover the untapped potential of your living space by discovering the absolute best locations for feature walls. Buckle up as we unveil the top nine feature wall locations and turn your mundane walls into masterpieces! 1. The Entryway: First Stop in […]

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Interior Painting Calgary

9 Ways To Upscale Your Bedroom With Paint

Is your bedroom in need of a style overhaul? Have other rooms in your home taken your creative energy at the expense of your private space? We at the Urban Painter would love to see your bedroom come to life using one of these nine easy and cost-effective painting applications, sure to transform your space […]

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5 Ways to identify areas that need primer

The ancient, flaking paint coming off your wooden window sills. The discoloured bricks around your fireplace. The brand-new drywall where you redesigned the master closet. All of them stand out immediately when you see them”¦and all of them need primer before you paint them! But why is that? Before we get into the specifics, let’s […]

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How to Colour Match Paint

Spring is in the air! While this means the return of barbecues and hockey playoffs, it also means Spring cleaning. And while you’re moving around furniture and getting rid of old junk, it’s the perfect time to spruce up some of the walls or rooms that could use a bit of TLC. Even if you […]

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How to Store Paint so you can use it again

Well, you finally have done it: you rolled up your sleeves, laid down some plastic, and finished that interior painting project you’ve been thinking about for weeks. Or maybe you took advantage of the first warm weeks of Spring to do some exterior painting touch-ups around the garage. Or you hired The Urban Painter to […]

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Is Painting Brick Bad?

Is Painting Brick Bad? While many buildings in Calgary are finished with wood, vinyl, or stucco, you can still see quite a bit of brickwork around the city not only exterior brick walls and siding, but brick fireplaces and sills as well. And, since bricks tend to vary in colour when they are made due […]

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How to Paint a Feature Wall That Really Pops

While it may be tempting to think that the winter is over in Calgary and we can all head outside for spring, there’s bound to be some weather ahead that keeps us inside for a little while longer. And while you’re stuck indoors, you may notice that your old interior paint job just doesn’t grab […]

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Why The Urban Painter Is The Clear Choice For Calgary

In a big city like Calgary, you have your pick of plenty of potential painters (there’s a tongue twister!) when you’re looking to do a project. But with so many choices, how do you weed out the good companies from the bad ones? How do you know you’ll get the most bang for your buck? […]

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10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Contractor

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Contractor As a painting company that occasionally deals with other contractors and trades, we are familiar with how disruptive renovations and construction projects can be while they are going on. This can be compounded by disreputable contractors, who may not be entirely up front with their policies, billing, […]

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