Meet the Urban Painter Team.

We’re not ones to hide. We’re fundamentally different in how we do things and that starts with being transparent. We’d love to meet you!

Spotlight on The Urban Painter Team

Jon Chief of Colour
Sean Director of Operations
Melissa Office Manager
Kyla Client Success Manager
Dave Project Consultant
Gabe Project Consultant
Sammy - project consultant
Sammy Project Consultant
Amanda Colour Pro
Zoe Brand Ambassador
Scott Field Manager
Ed - The Urban Painter Team Crew Leader
Ed Crew Leader
Khan Crew Leader
Manny Crew Leader
Richard Crew Leader
Braedon Site Leader
Anthony Site Leader
Boston Site Leader
Courtney Site Leader
Jess Site Leader
Justin Site Leader
Matt H Site Leader
Matt F Site Leader
Riyad Site Leader
Sarah Site Leader
Tanner Site Leader
Yvonne Colour Pro
Tator Tot Back Up Office Manager