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Stucco Painting in Calgary | The Urban Painter’s approach

Stucco Painting in Calgary has been popular for the exterior of homes and buildings for many years. Unfortunately, this material has a tendency to crack, fade and deteriorate, causing an unsightly look and poor home protection. There are many paints and coatings to revive your stucco in order to maintain your home’s exterior and protect it for years to come. Whether you are looking to maintain your stucco home or bring it back to life with a new colour, The Urban Painter can help you find the right people for the job… because that’s us! The Urban Painter provides: • Latex stucco paints • Elastomeric paints and coatings • Stucco repair

Avoid the shoulda, coulda, and wouldas…

Make sure the products being applied are back rolled.

An important step in house stucco painting is the process of back-rolling. With appropriate preparation and application, the paint can effectively penetrate deep into the material’s pores and properly adhere to protect the surface; this is something our painters in Calgary know very well. Without appropriate precaution, early deterioration and peeling of the wall’s coating will occur. With a spray application, followed by back-rolling and brushing, the paint will cover the surface to produce an even coating effectively protecting the stucco surface.

Get the benefits of elastomeric Stucco Paint.

Elastomeric coatings are often more of an investment than other paint coatings, as they require as much as four times the amount of product and are more difficult to apply. With this investment, most manufacturers will offer a 10-year warranty on the product, but it must be applied properly, which includes back-rolling and the kind of proper thickness of coating that our team has been taught.

Know who is doing the actual work.

Many stucco-painting companies sub-contract their work out to others. This leaves the quality process completely up to the sub-contractor and in some cases the sub-contractor may not posses the proper liability and WCB coverage, leaving you responsible for injuries or damages to your property. Since The Urban Painter feels this is a dangerous and unfair process for customers, we have our own staffed stucco painters in Calgary and do not use sub-contractors, so you always know who’s on your property and that you are properly protected.

The Urban Painter promise

The Urban Painter promises our homeowners that we will: start and finish on time; maintain a neat and clean project; make sure our language isn’t offensive; take care of all details; and stand behind our work. We care about how you feel while the work is getting done. And we offer a two-year labour and material warranty on most exterior paint jobs.

Five steps to a successful stucco paint job

  1. Discuss your desired end result
  2. Consult with our designer for paint colour and finish recommendations
  3. Protect your belongings and landscaping
  4. Prepare all exterior surfaces to be painted – scraping, sanding, washing, sealing
  5. Use top quality tools to expertly apply your coatings

Top quality tools. Top quality exterior painting.

The Urban Painter generally uses Benjamin Moore, Dulux and Cloverdale paints. The brand of paint used is influenced by many factors including customer preference, the nature of the project, and bid specifications. When selecting a brand of paint, we recommend using the highest grade available because the best paint will provide the best results. To make sure the finish is everything it should be, we use top quality materials, tools and supplies.

Stucco Painting is just the beginning