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Are your kitchen cabinets looking worn out or outdated?

Cabinet Refinishing and Painting in Calgary

Cabinet refinishing and painting in Calgary is on the rise!  It can provide a refreshed look at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Rooms with cabinets are usually the most used spaces in the house, and it takes a toll on the cabinet coatings. Wow yourself, your family, and your guests by having your cabinets professionally spray painted to look new again. The Urban Painter can help bring new life to your home by either re-painting or re-staining your cabinets while simultaneously increasing the value of your home.

Other keys to cabinet refinishing and painting

A good cabinet refinishing and painting project requires adequate time to properly prepare the cabinets prior to applying a new coating. This means mechanically sanding the surface of the cabinets, washing the surface down with degreaser/cleaner, and properly priming the cabinet surfaces to ensure the new coating will bond. Without these key steps your home’s cabinets will likely show wear prematurely.

Available cabinet refinishing and paint coatings:

• Latex paints and coatings
• Bonding primers

The Urban Painter promise

The Urban Painter in Calgary promises our homeowners that when we refinish and paint your cabinets we will: start and finish on time; maintain a neat and clean project; make sure our language isn’t offensive; take care of all details; and stand behind our work. We care about how you feel while the work is getting done. And we offer a two-year labour and material warranty on most paint jobs.

Five steps to a successful cabinet paint job

  1. Discuss your desired end result of your cabinet painting project
  2. Consult with our designer for colour and finish recommendations
  3. Protect your belongings
  4. Prepare all cabinet surfaces to be painted
  5. Use top quality tools to expertly apply your cabinet coatings

Top quality tools and Supplies. Top quality Cabinet and Cupboard painting.

The Urban Painter generally uses Benjamin Moore, Dulux and Sherwin Williams paints when working on cabinet refinishing and painting in Calgary. The brand of paint used is influenced by many factors including customer preference, the nature of the project, and bid specifications. When selecting a brand of paint, we recommend using the highest grade available because the best paint will provide the best results. To make sure the finish is everything it should be, we use top quality materials, tools, and supplies.