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The Psychology of Paint Colour

How Colour Can Change Your Home

 We’ve all heard the terms in pop culture: seeing red, feeling blue, green with envy. But those sayings weren’t just made up by imaginative writers. If you’ve ever walked into a room and suddenly felt more inspired, relaxed, or comfortable with your surroundings, you’re not alone! Colours in our household and workplace environments can have a deep-rooted and measurable effect on our mood and our everyday lives – a real phenomenon, known as paint colour psychology.

Here in Calgary, there is an unseen formula for choosing paint colours that fit not only within our lifestyle, but also to our levels of natural light, home layout, and individual personalities. Since the colour of a room has the ability to both positively and negatively affect and influence our mood and thought patterns, choosing the right paint colour for your home is more important than you think!


Making The Right Home Paint Colour Choice

Whether you’re choosing the colour you recently saw in your favorite magazine or a colour recommended by a friend or designer, it is important to keep in mind what the purpose of the space is: is it meant to be welcoming, relaxing, comfortable, or inspiring? Or all of the above? What mood are you attempting to convey? Is there a specific message that you are eager to channel to your friends and guests? Each colour possesses a unique set of qualities that enable your personality and lifestyle to be complemented, and a carefully selected colour will set your space apart from others!

Paint colours can be divided up into several different categories including warm, cool, and neutral tones. Each has a different set of attributes with the ability to slightly change the overall atmosphere of a room – and thus, to influence the mood of the people in it. So, how do you know what colour is best for you and your space?


Warm Colours

Warm colours are those that exude happiness and positivity. The tonal qualities of reds, oranges, and yellows are uplifting and often associated with energy, vivacity, and passion. Red is an inviting colour that draws people in while increasing a room’s energy, and interestingly enough, it stimulates the appetite. As a result, reds are a perfect fit for kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms – if you like to eat, that is!

If you’re looking for something a little more inviting and upbeat during those dreary Calgary days, go for an orange which is said to be even more charming. Dark tones of orange can add some spice to a room, while bright, raw orange hues can be used to bring a room to life. This makes it a great choice for a recreational or games room.

Yellow creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere, radiating hope and optimism. It can warm up a cold space or brighten a dark room like sunshine on a rainy day. In our ever-changing Calgary climate, yellow is a great colour choice to consider if you’re in need of a little more cheer!


Cool Colours

Cool colours are those that encourage a peaceful state of mind; blue, purple, and green tones have the ability to soothe the mind, body, and soul. Can you think of an area in your home that could benefit from an application of a soothing paint colour? Although the cooler colours can sometimes make a room feel colder, it is said that blue increases productivity while creating a calming environment. Bedrooms and office spaces are good areas for blue since its qualities increase productivity yet provide a relaxing, centered atmosphere.

If you’re in need of a fresh feeling, consider a natural green to encourage peacefulness and serenity. Light, pastel greens are a great choice when you wish to restore tranquility and enable the mind and body to relax after a long day at work. In contrast, rich, deep greens can be a great way to elevate the relaxation in a room.

Purple has the ability to create drama and peaceful variations within larger public areas as well as more intimate spaces, such as bedrooms.


Neutral Colours

Neutral tones, such as brown, grey, black, and white, are the earthy tones of a home – these colours are the classic, flexible colours that create foundations for accent walls and personalization. Neutral paint colours show elegance when complimented with crisp whites, which insinuates cleanliness and wholesomeness; on the contrary, blacks and dark greys represent sophistication and mystery. Neutral tones can be found anywhere within a home, as they are useful in creating spaces that are both soothing and relaxing or lively and stimulating. These colours can be modern and sophisticated while also seeming traditional and timeless.

It is immensely important to choose the right colours for your home in order to create the mood you want to convey. Paint colour psychology can help you determine which colours work best for you, while also considering current styles within the home decorating industry. If you need help making a final decision, we have a trusted group of paint colour consultants who can help you choose colours, finishes, and products, and we stay up-to-date on the latest trends – all so we can offer you informed and helpful advice.

So when it comes to redecorating your space – it’s about more than just black or white! Contact us for a free quote, and to find out more about how your new choice of colour can freshen up a dull space. Call our office today at 403-774-1424 – we look forward to helping your home look new again!

Why Do Painters Wear White Clothing?


why do painters wear white clothing

Why do painters wear white clothing? It’s an unsolved mystery that goes back farther than anyone can remember: why is it that painters, who constantly work around every colour you can think of, wear white clothes? It seems counter-intuitive, because every errant drip and splatter stands out on a clean white background. And even stranger is the fact that apparently, no one can agree on the origin of this custom.

One of the most prominent ideas is that it dates back to the early 1800s in England, when walls and fences were typically whitewashed. Painters wore white clothing so that if any speckle or splash landed on them, it went unnoticed and they would still look good for another day of work. That being said, it seems quite convincing, but we have a few other solutions that might satisfy your curiosity!

If you’re from the Calgary area, you know how quickly the weather can change, and how wide the range of temperatures is throughout the year. Here in Calgary, we often find ourselves working on interior paint jobs during the long, cold winter months and on exterior paint jobs during the sweltering summer. During those hot days from June to September, when it can hit 30° or higher, a pair of black or blue jeans would be pretty toasty – enough to get overheated and affect our work. So an easy solution is to simply sport white, a colour that best reflects the sun and helps to keep us cool. That in itself is a great reason to wear white, don’t you think?

It goes a little deeper than that for us, too. From a design stand-point, white is the colour of cleanliness. Though you may not think it’s a very appropriate colour for a painter, we like to consider it a blank canvas – it’s great for us because it goes with nearly everything. Every drip and splatter on our white “background” tells the story of a job well done and another satisfied customer; rather than just being ‘dirty’ uniforms, it’s a way to show off our profession and the colourful perks that come with it!

Also of note is that in this current design climate, white is a popular colour to refresh and revitalize a home’s appearance. We paint plenty of them with coats of clean new white every year. And even if the main colour is a warm red, calming blue, or neutral grey, chances are very good that the trim, doors, ceilings, or other accent features are white. We use it somewhere on almost every job! Because it’s so ubiquitous, in these instances wearing white is helpful in disguising some of the paint splatters or over-spray that may occur.

Finally, one of the most important reasons that our painters all wear matching white outfits: we are a reputable company dedicated to a high standard of expertise, uniformity, and quality, and our painters reflect that. Unlike black or blue jeans, which simply look less clean after a day’s work, white looks more professional, especially when unavoidable paint splatters and smears come in to play. We are not afraid to dive in and work hard to get the job done – but we still want to look good while doing it!

We all wear the same uniform to easily distinguish who we are and what we do, and to show that we take pride in our work and our craftsmanship. Wearing white helps to contribute to a sense of camaraderie, which in turn keeps our crews working efficiently to make your home look its best. And at the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for!

Apart from trying to help you find an answer to the question ‘why do painters wear white clothing’, we are also able to offer you a free estimate on how we can spruce up your home this year (whether it’s white or not!), give us a call at 403-774-1424. Check out some of our online reviews to see what our past customers say, and get some ideas for your own custom paint job. As always, we’ll be ready when you are!

Why Is Barn Paint Red?

Why Is Barn Paint Red?


Have you ever wondered why is barn paint red? The prairies that cover the interior of North America are part of Calgary’s beautiful backyard – rolling fields, distant foothills, and family farms that dot the roads across our province. Albertans carry a strong pride for our landscape that is shown through care and consideration, and that includes maintaining the great-looking scenery that surrounds us.


Take a leisurely drive through the countryside in any direction from the city and you’ll see that it’s flecked with iconic red barns, contrasting with the verdant greens and yellows of the nearby fields and crops. It’s so common that you probably only notice when a barn isn’t red – but have you ever wondered why they’re painted that way? Sure, they look nice and make a picture-perfect background for your smartphone or computer, but at The Urban Painter in Calgary we are constantly curious about why things are coloured the way they are!


Here’s what we’ve found. Originally, paint, sealants, and other building materials did not exist, and on the prairie frontiers – far from big population centres and supply routes – it could be difficult to get necessary materials. It was up to farmers to create a solution to maintain and preserve their barns. There are a few different theories “why is barn paint red” so let’s take a brief visit to the past and see what history has to say about it!


Hundreds of years ago, barns were not even painted at all. To protect the bare wood, creative farmers used linseed oil – derived from flaxseed plants – and coated the wood with it in an effort to protect their barns from the elements. Over time,  people experimented with different mixtures, often adding milk, lime, or turpentine in order to strengthen the oil and speed up the drying process. In a stroke of insight, an inventive farmer – whose name has been unfortunately forgotten by time! – found that adding rust powder to the mix deterred the growth of moss and fungi, resulting in an even longer-lasting protective layer. Since the iron oxide in rust is a deep reddish-orange, and plentiful in soils of the area, seeing barns with such colouring became a common sight on the prairies as the practice spread.


An alternate theory to the question “why is barn paint red” is that the colour was chosen purposefully so that cows would have a way of finding their way home after a day in the field. However, studies show that cows are, in fact, colourblind to hues of red. So, that rules out that theory!


Now, you’re probably asking why red paint is still being used to paint barns now, when there are newer, more innovative ways to seal wood, and when the weathered wood look is currently so popular. We can’t even blame the cows for this trend, either!


The truth is, it has come down to tradition. The stark contrast of a fiery red barn against a sun-kissed yellow field, distant hills of green, and sapphire-blue sky has become fashionable over the years and that is why it is still being used for barns across the countryside! Although better paints are now available, red is still the ideal colour for a barn. And it’s not hard to see why – its beauty is undeniable when it comes to snapping that perfect background for your smartphone! At The Urban Painter in Calgary, we believe that a little colour goes a long way, and clearly it has with the long-standing tradition of red barns!


If you’ve got a barn that seemingly got its last paint job before red barns were in style, give us a call for a free estimate today! You can also call us if you have a house, garage, or deck and fence to paint!  Our professional and highly skilled crews are ready to make your buildings look new again. We can be reached at 403-774-1474, or by email at We look forward to working together!

Painting Your Calgary Home’s Vinyl Or Aluminum Siding

Painting Home Siding in Calgary | Aluminum & Vinyl


Painting home siding is something that most of us will encounter in our lifetimes so it is important to know a little bit about it.  Many houses in this day and age have moved away from the rustic wooden planks or Elizabethan brick to something much more practical: vinyl or aluminum siding. Living in the city of Calgary, vinyl and metal siding on houses is the best choice in order to face those harsh winters and blistering summers. And as summer creeps up on us, it’s the perfect time for your old siding to get freshened up!


Painting home siding? Why do it?


Painting home siding is about more than just looking pretty – it will yield both aesthetic and structural benefits. Repainting can refresh old and weathered siding, giving it a new appearance and ultimately making your home look better. This is a great idea if you are planning on selling your home, or if you are looking for a budget-friendly way to change up your exterior! But even further than that, new paint can also improve the siding’s ability to do its job. Siding is put in place in order to protect our homes from the elements, and in Calgary, with our wild temperature swings and extremes, this is no easy feat. Read below to find a few crucial steps and helpful tips for painting your siding!

1. Getting Started Painting Home Siding

Calgary weather can be difficult to plan around, but this is a crucial step in deciding when to paint your siding. To make sure that the paint you apply goes on strong and lasts long, avoid choosing a day that is sweltering hot or too rainy and cold to paint. Days that are warm and slightly overcast are the best days for painting siding. They provide a temperate climate that is perfect for painting, ensuring that each coat dries evenly and smoothly.


2.  Prepping and Priming

The next important step, once you have decided to paint your siding, is to ensure that you are prepping it correctly. First, Give your siding a thorough pressure washing in order to get rid of the dirt and dust that have built up over time. Next, make sure to spot prime any bare aluminum or, if you have vinyl siding, use a paint formulated to adhere properly to the surface. Not all paints will adhere to vinyl surfaces.

Once you have cleaned and primed your siding, you can begin the painting process!


3.  Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Now that your siding looks as good as a show home, let’s make sure it stays that way! Regular maintenance is key for ensuring a good-looking, durable finish that will last you years. In order to maintain that freshly-painted vinyl siding, make sure you pressure wash it either at the beginning or end of each summer to remove any stuck-on dust, dirt, or insects. If you have painted aluminum siding make sure to inspect yearly for any paint chipping, and scrape and repaint ASAP to preserve the rest of the painted siding! While you’re out there, be sure to look out for things that may need little fixes in order to keep the exterior of your Calgary home in tip-top shape!


Doing a proper and effective job on the siding of your home can be quite a large task, especially if you have a multi-storey house, trees in the way, extreme wear and tear on the old coat of paint, hills, etc. If you feel like it’s too big for you to take on, don’t hesitate to give The Urban Painter a call for a free quote! We have all the tools, equipment, experience, and skills necessary to make your siding look its best. All you’ll have to do is admire it when we’re done!

You can reach us at our office at 403-774-1474 to find out more about our work in the Calgary area, and how we can help with any other interior house painting or exterior house painting jobs you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!


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